Horse Hair Fur Carpet – Grey Elephant Puzzle

122,000.00 ден

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Size 180 x 220 cm

Different shades of grey and a classic puzzle design make a unique, durable and strong carpet.

Horse Hair Fur Carpet – Grey Elephant Puzzle

This beautiful handmade carpet will fit into any modern home. This floor covering was made from the finest quality cow hides. Only the best parts of the cow hide were chosen to create this wonderful masterpiece. This cowhide piece will make you think you are walking through the rain-forest, stopping for a moment to observe the magnificent elephant in all its glory. With its wonderful shades of beige and gray a carpet of this style will add elegance to your home. This wonderful carpet is a compliment to any style home.

No two carpets will ever be the same. A carpet of this class was skillfully sewn together and will be the highlight of any room. It is durable and strong just like the mighty elephant.

Make this magnificent carpet the next great addition for your home.

With a carpet of this design you will command the room you are in.

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