Midnight Elegance Mink Fur Set (skirt and bolero)

99,200.00 ден

In stock

Step into a world of unbridled luxury with our Midnight Elegance Mink Fur Set of Skirt and Bolero, priced at 90,000 MKD. This exquisite set is a paragon of high-end fashion, crafted from the finest mink fur known for its luscious texture and exceptional warmth. The deep, enchanting blue hues evoke the mystery and allure of a midnight sky, while the plush fur provides a tactile experience like no other. Cut to perfection, this set boasts a lavish collar and a sleek, elongating silhouette that accentuates your form with its fluid drape. Whether attending a glamorous event or making an everyday statement, this mink fur set is an investment in opulence and style, promising to be the crown jewel of your wardrobe.

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