Mink Brown Lux Blanket

85,000.00 ден

In stock

Size 210 x 105 cm

This 100% real white mink fur throw/blanket will bring a fairy tale luxury to your bed or living room.

Can you think of something more luxurious than a mink fur? Imagine this fur becoming a blanket so you can cover with something so soft, warm and gorgeous. For many years mink fur coats have been an incredibly sought after object for women all over the world, as mink’s fur is best suited for making beautiful and warm presentation and decoration items.

Now, thanks to us, you can purchase your own Mink Fur Blanket crafted from real fur that is equipped to fit any bed no matter what the size or shape. The blanket boasts 100% natural color for the natural, high quality Mink skins that presents unique elegance and class, sure to be the envy of any guests you might have. This beautiful throw or bed cover blanket is perfect for keeping you warm during those chilly fall and winter nights with 100% natural warmth, or for lounging on the couch.

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