White/Gray Fox Fur Carpet

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Size 120 x 180 cm

White/Grey Fox fur rug

A luxurious furry piece for true art collectors. A polar fox fur carpet, reminiscent of snowy mountains that jump out through stormy clouds. A frame of black cowhide (embossed in crocodile pattern) protects the precious fur and creates an elegant contrast.

Combine this lovely real fur carpet with modern white or black furniture and unleash the aesthetics of your living room. We can fabricate fur pillows in matching styles and materials to present a complete proposal in space. This design is available in a variety of natural colors.

Unique living places

Real fur rugs are the ultimate expression of luxury. From the modern urban home, to the palatial manor and even the rural country residence, there is absolutely no style that a fur rug cannot match. We have access to a large variety of animal pelts including wolf, fox, coyote and raccoon and one of the largest collection in Europe. Fur constitutes a precious element of home décor and is now affordable.

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