Horse Hair Fur Carpet – White Ivory Back

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Size 150 x 210 cm

Horse Hair Fur Carpet – White Ivory Back

Α representation of the Big Bang on your floor. White objects are projected onto the black canvas and create a striking effect. This leather carpet will make you perfectly happy as it will enlarge your space and bring it to light thanks to the special spread of its colors. Its soft texture and impressive black and white contrast will make your rooms classier than ever.

Just be sure when telling everyone how you came about this piece you mention how artisans hand selected the pieces to create this one of a kind rug. Defy nature, stand part from the crowd with this addition.

These rugs are made using easy to clean and durable fiber. Additionally, they also feature a very soft touch. The rugs are beautiful and appealing when used on any room. It is one element you cannot afford to miss while renovating or improving the general image of the interior of your home.

It fits nicely in modern living rooms and offices. Modern black and white furniture is the best match, but you can experiment and come up with great stylish ideas that fit your exact needs. Another use with stunning results is wall hanging.

Decoration ideas for internal use inspired from the value of fur and leather throughout times. Creations from natural materials that absolutely harmonize with space providing warm and beauty.

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